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Jerry McGinn – Owner

Every great idea begins with a step. And it’s always easier to take one with someone by your side. “I remember sitting in my kitchen across from Joe and tossing around different names of what to call the new store. How we could make it a unique and special place.”  That “idea” transformed into a business partnership that has lasted over 34 years.

The collaborative energy from 1988 remains virtually the same in 2021. “We’ve spent thousands of hours together, bouncing decisions off each other. We had a challenging beginning – the economy collapsed the year after we opened. The hours were brutal. I was building a brand-new business, leaving early in the morning, and coming home late every night, while raising four children with my wife Angie. It was also a very exciting time; every day was a “build-your-own-adventure.”

Jerry has an affable kindness that compliments his talent for making people feel relaxed and valued. He’s a natural leader and great communicator. “He’s one of those people that is able to do anything he decides, especially if he’s passionate about something. Woodworking, drawing, painting, singing – bowling. Chances are if you like something, Jerry likes it, too. What’s so annoying is he’s probably better at it.”

If asked, Jerry will tell you his favorite part of owning Tile By Design is the creative process. “It’s a new story every day. I love being involved in the tile selection process and seeing it all come together. Putting thought into the right color, texture, dimension, and layout of tile at the beginning of the project and ending up with a successful finished room. It’s a great feeling when clients come back and share pictures and are really happy with the results.”

And his favorite part of owning his own business?

“Seeing the positive impact our company has had on our community, on my staff, myself. We’ve helped countless families in and around the Northshore get excited about being home and feeling delighted with their new kitchen or bathroom space. I am blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.”

what was your first job
Paperboy – delivering the Salem Evening News & the Boston Globe, from age 11 to 16 {28 houses, orange carrier bag}

what do you like to do outside of work
Wood working, gardening, yoga, nature walks

who would you pick to play you in a movie of your life
Harrison Ford, circa 1985

what would be the title of the movie of your life
The Dreamer, parts I, II & III

who makes you laugh the most
Harry Bliss Cartoons

who is the most interesting person you know 
My 16-year old granddaughter, Bella. She is open-minded, has a great laugh, a ready smile with remarkable plans for the future.

best decision you ever made
Marrying Angie and beginning our surprising life together.

what’s the worst advice you’ve received 
“Don’t worry about it”

morning person or night owl
Night owl

who was your idol growing up
Evil Knievel, a jumper of buses, cars & canyons

a favorite place
Anywhere with an ocean view

what super power do you wish you had
Time travel, to visit lost ones and peruse important historical moments

your favorite artists {musician, painter, writer}
Kate Bush – incredible burst of musical creativity, Vincent van Gogh – he loved color and he let it show

what was the last book you read
Let The Great World Spin – Colum McCann

what the last movie you watched
CODA {locally filmed in Gloucester, MA} I whole heartedly recommend that you watch!

what’s the last gift you gave 
Bacon treats for my dogs Olive & Finn

happiest childhood memory
Playing the Little Drummer Boy in a neighborhood Christmas play (non-speaking part)

if you were in charge what would you make a law 
Students & teachers practice daily meditation in school, starting pre-K and continuing thru grade 12

where’s your favorite place to eat
People watching, Parisian sidewalk café, sunny afternoon, late October

what is the one thing you must have in your refrigerator 
Polar Seltzer Water – Family made in Worcester since 1882

who famous would you like to have dinner with past or present
Cleopatra & Marc Anthony talking about life, love and, of course, death

would you rather sing everything or lose the ability to speak?
To sing everything

something about yourself that people would be surprised to know
I surprisingly have six granddaughters & five grandsons



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