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Mark Pottier – Warehouse Manager

Each day Mark completes a laborious & complicated process to assure your tiles arrive on schedule, without damage, looking beautiful.  Think of a staggering sequence of equations, with endless checks and balances. Countless verifications and confirmations. Boxes of substantial weight to unpack and check. Then recheck, label, document, and check yet again when it’s time ship out. It takes a lot of brains and brawn to get tiles from all over the world to show up on time. For over 17 years, Mark has done all these things – often by himself – with laser beam efficiency. He’s a consummate gentleman with a sly sense of humor, who has an impressive knowledge of, like, everything. He never gets knocked off his pins. Mark’s always moving, continuously problem solving, and saving our day. Just like a superhero.

what was your first job
Stock help, Star Market at age 17

what do you like to do outside of work
Weekly workouts at my gym, card games, relaxing and dining out

who would you pick to play you in a movie of your life
Chris Hemsworth

who makes you laugh the most
Jeff Dunham and Walter

what are your hidden talents 
Winning bets against Joe

best decision you ever made
Being with my girlfriend

morning person or night owl

who was your idol growing up
Boston Celtics, Dave Cowens.

a favorite place
Seaglass Village, Wells, Maine

what super power do you wish you had
Invisibility – I get closer every year

what was the last book you read
Most likely a book from the Alex Cross series, by James Patterson

if you were in charge, what would you make a law 
Banning stupidity

where’s your favorite place to eat
The 99 Restaurant

what is the one thing you must have in your refrigerator 
Diet Arizona Ice Tea

who famous would you like to have dinner with past or present
John F. Kennedy or Kevin McHale

would you rather sing everything or lose the ability to speak?
To sing everything


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