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We know that picking tiles for your home or project isn’t easy. But we can make it easier. When you visit our Massachusetts North Shore tile showroom, you not only get access to the highest quality tile for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, you also get our decades of tile design expertise and attention to detail. Discover what makes our tile store different

Why Visit Our Custom Tile Showroom?

When it comes to finding the perfect tile, you have a lot of options. But while online tile shops and big box home improvement stores may have a large selection of tile, our North Shore tile showroom offers unparalleled service and the highest quality products.

Our dedicated team stays ahead of the latest tile trends, so you’re always able to find the right fit for your home, whether you want a classic tile look or something bold and colorful. From the moment you contact us to the moment you install your tile, you’ll get personalized service you won’t find anywhere else.

The Tile By Design Difference

Discover what makes Tile By Design one of the best tile showrooms in Massachusetts.

A view of blue tile in our North Shore tile showroom in Danvers, MA

A Commitment to Quality

We’re selective when it comes to the tile available in our showroom. When you work with Tile By Design, you can be confident you are choosing from the best of the best. 

An Eye for Design

Whether you’re a homeowner DIYing your kitchen or an interior designer sourcing tile for your clients, our team can help ensure you find the right tile to match your style. Bring photos or samples of your hard finishes, fixtures, and decor to find the perfect tile for any space.

A Tile By Design employee looks at some of the high quality tile at our North Shore tile showroom in Massachusetts.
A man looks at tile options at Tile By Design's North Shore tile showroom.

Attention to Detail

When you shop with Tile By Design, you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong product or not ordering enough tile. We’ll work with you – and any designers or contractors you’re working with – to ensure your order is accurate, undamaged and ready to install.

Explore Our North Shore Tile Showroom

Visit our showroom to explore our huge selection of premium tile.

Schedule Your Tile By Design Appointment

Learn more about our process and contact us to book an appointment. Before your appointment, we’ll ask for more details about your project so we can be ready with the best tile recommendations personalized for you.

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