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Linda Cardile – Bookkeeper

For over 30 years Linda has been our trustworthy bookkeeper. She’s even more reliable and reassuring than a Pendleton Blanket on a chilly October evening. A true guardian and recorder of all matters really, really, important. Our history goes well beyond balance sheets and P&L statements. It’s much closer to a brainy family member that keeps your best interest inside the margins and easy to comprehend. One of our favorite people in the whole wide world. She is always fired up and ready to go. No holiday party reaches its maximum merriment potential unless Linda and her husband, John, are seated close to the table.

what was your first job
Dunkin Donuts, at age 15.  I worked the opening shift and had to make the donuts!

what do you like to do outside of work
Anything outside: varies by season: beach, bike, walk, ski, camp, hike, play with my dog, vacation

what are your hidden talents 

best decision you ever made
Having a family, getting a dog, and making a decision to be more like my mom!

morning person or night owl
Night owl for sure

who was your idol growing up
My Mom because she was always at peace. Her strong faith made her always happy. She had a positive outlook on life (the glass was ALWAYS half-full), never spoke bad about anyone and always found the good in people. She also loved a good time and was the life of the party as she embraced life and the people around her. She truly made an impact on everyone she met.  Quite a character: the stories are endless.

a favorite place
A Beach is the top of my list: Caribbean islands or beaches in Mexico are my favorite beaches and I have been to almost all of them.  However, local beaches all the way up through Maine do not disappoint.  Every beach provides tranquility, but every beach has something different to offer: strolls at low tide, scenic views, or big waves to dive in.

what super power do you wish you had
Teleporting, so I can travel and explore the world whenever I want

your favorite artists {musician, painter, writer}
Elton John: I started listening to his albums when I was 13 yrs old and never stopped. 

what the last book you read
Mmmmmmmm: can’t remember – too busy outside!

what the last movie you watched
The Gladiator:  A history drama during the period of the Roman Empire. 

happiest childhood memory
BIG family parties: French Canadian style: fiddling, spoons, guitar, piano, singing in French and doing the Do-si-do

where’s your favorite place to eat
No favorite but I much prefer smaller, family-owned restaurants

what is the one thing you must have in your refrigerator 
Cream for my coffee

who famous would you like to have dinner with past or present
So Many; but based on today’s mood:  Johnny Depp

would you rather sing everything or lose the ability to speak?
I would much rather sing than lose the ability to speak!!  I can’t hold a note, so it may not be pleasant to hear. 

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