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Steven Cardile –
Shipping & Receiving, Many Assignments

It’s hard to capture in a title all the things that Steven does at Tile By Design. For over 5 years he has assisted with every daily task of running our business. Game for anything and good in many roles. He’s regularly involved with any remedy the store may be ailing from. Solid and reliable with a broad range of skills that seemingly expand weekly. We appreciate his quick, adaptable talents but his kindness and relaxed manner are equally admired. Steven has a keen eye for details, can catch the plot twist early, knows a good book and digs all the best films. You’ll very likely meet him when you come to pick-up your order and need a helping hand putting it in the car.

what was your first job
Bagging groceries at Market Basket, at age 14.

what do you like to do outside of work
Mountain biking, taking my motorcycle out for nature rides

who makes you laugh the most
Key & Peele, Dave Chappelle

best decision you ever made
Getting into mountain biking

morning person or night owl
Night Owl

who was your idol growing up
Tony “Birdman” Hawk

a favorite place

what super power do you wish you had
Teleporting, so I can travel and explore the world

your favorite artists {musician, painter, writer}
Led Zeppelin, Eminem

what was the last book you read
The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

what the last movie you watched

happiest childhood memory
My family vacation to Disney World

where’s your favorite place to eat
Anywhere in the North End

what is the one thing you must have in your refrigerator 
Beer & steak

would you rather sing everything or lose the ability to speak?
To sing everything


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